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Cabinet Installation in Staten Island NY

Cabinet Installation in Staten Island NY

Whenever you’re looking for the finest cabinet installation in Staten Island NY, MC Construction Corp. will be the best service available. We have more than 10 years of experience leaving several satisfied customers in Staten Island with our high quality cabinetry. But, how do you judge the quality of your cabinets? At MC Construction Corp., we show you how high-class custom cabinets should be. While it is not necessary that all pieces are made of solid wood, all outer parts should be. Get the following advice as a useful guide for your future purchase and subsequent cabinet installation:

  • Face: The face consists of all the visible parts of the cabinet. High-quality cabinetry shouldn’t show any knots, pitch pockets, scars, or color differences. Cabinet doors, besides everything previously mentioned, should be made of a single piece of solid wood.
  • End Panel: The end panel is all the wood inside the cabinet that is exposed to the view. Your preferred cabinet installation in Staten Island NY should also make it of solid wood to match the doors.
  • Carcass: The carcass is the box that forms the interior of the cabinet. While it is not necessary to use hardwood for this and the fact that many materials are available, a responsible service of cabinet installation in Staten Island NY should use plywood for maximum performance.

Cost-effective and high-class cabinet installation in Staten Island NY

The high-quality of your cabinetry is a joint product of good materials, skilled construction methods, and the craftsmanship of your cabinet installation and repair services. If your custom cabinets don’t match these criteria, then it’s the right time to call your preferred cabinet repair. MC Construction Corp offers the most reliable cabinet installation in Staten Island NY. We are driven by a constant aim to excellence, and our team is heavily experienced installing cabinets made of the best wood available. Get in touch with us today and you will receive only fine cabinetry to last for many years.


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